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Welcome to Kieran O’Connor Art. I am a self taught artist specialising in high quality graphite and coloured pencil drawings.

My passion and interest in this niche of the art world started only a few years ago. Since then I have continually tried to improve my skills and dedicate an unhealthy amount of time to my craft!

I only hope to increase my knowledge and skills in the years to come and to continue to produce art that not only makes myself happy but other people as well. Feel free to browse my galleries or check out my blog where I will be posting drawing tips, works in progress and reviews.

If you’re interested in a personal, unique portrait, check out my Request a Commission page. Where you will find my fees and sizes available. I will also be selling some of my original drawings so watch this space for an opportunity at purchasing a one of a kind, original drawing. If you would simply like to purchase a print at a more convenient price check out my works currently for sale here

Kieran O'Connor Artist

Meet The Artist

I am a traditional artist located on the south coast of NSW, Australia. Learn more about me and my work.
Drawing of a wolf

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Request a custom portrait drawn from a photo of your choice either in coloured pencil or graphite pencil

Drawing of Katy Perry in Graphite

My Artwork

Have a browse of my collection of detailed graphite pencil drawings

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Contact me to order a unique, high quality portrait of a family member, friend or pet.

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